System requirements

Before you install World of Tanks ProMod, note the following points..

• ProMod runs on all common Windows systems.
• ProMod requires the .NET Framework 4.6.
• ProMod is not compatible with WINE or similar environments.

If you want to use ProMod on a Mac, you must first install ProMod on a Windows
Install operating system. Then you copy the “mods” and “res_mods” folder from
the games directory to your Mac.


We no longer provide active support in the official forum. For
fast and competent help you should join our discord server where
almost always people can help out.

Join ProMod Discord Server ..

Download OldSkools ProMod..

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DonationSupport the Development

I am creating mods for World of Tanks since 2012 and Promod became a project with 10 000+ hours of work. The monthly donations rarely gather over 100 euro per month whereas servercosts alone are 80 euro but i have continued my work over the years as i saw it more as a hobby. The issue is that lately every patch has been more time consuming than ever before and is taking the time i would need for working on other paid projects that actually help me provide for my family. I am being very open about the situation because im questioning continuing Promod under these circumstances. If you want to support the modpack or help with the server costs, it would be greatly appreciated and every little contribution counts!